Deep Work is the Key to Reaching Goals

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Whether you have small dreams or lofty goals, deep work is the missing link in your success strategy.

Setting goals enables you to plan how you intend to move through life. Some achievements can take a lifetime to attain, while others can be finished inside a day. Whether you’re setting wide, overarching goals or intending to get something simple done, you’ll find the primary tool you need here: Deep work!

Deep work as defined by writer and also professor Cal Newport in his best selling book, Deep Work: Policies for Focused Success in a Distracted Globe is a principle birthed out of the difficulty lots of individuals have today in dealing with distractions created by the boom in electronic interactions.

These interruptions prevent us from concentrating on jobs that matter as well as adds overwhelm and a sense of being over-worked on a daily basis. Tt the same time, they cause us to avoid work that matters.

How to Plan for Deep Work

Daily planning to do deep work enables us to focus without distraction. It works. This is something I have been making use of for years when I need to get a publication completed. Planned, focused work puts me in a position to get all my tasks completed in a timely, qualitative way.

How commonly have you gotten an SMS message offering the profound question, “Did you get my e-mail?” Ugh. Pouring over texts and emails is one of the biggest time wastes there is. Just looking at a message like that takes your focus far away from any deep work!

Shut Them Down and Get to Deep Work

Shutting off your alerts pauses these disruptions and allows you to concentrate on what is important – your job. When we permit all these distractions to enter our life, we find there is little to no time to produce things.

When you are constantly sidetracked from the tasks at hand, you will make even more errors. When you enable yourself to concentrate exclusively on one task, you will make fewer errors. Instant quality increase!

And naturally, when you are making fewer errors you spend much less time doing the job and making revisions. This allows you even more time to do even more top quality work. When you schedule deep work each day or week, you can actually meet external or self-imposed deadlines consistently.

When you recognize you have the time to do the work without any type of disturbances, you start feeling less worried about all you have to do. When I wrote this post, for example, it required two writing sessions of deep work. Done!

By providing yourself concentrated time on a piece of deep work, you will certainly discover productivity, creativity, and results like never before.

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