What Should a Master Life Coach Certification Include?

master life coach certification
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Here’s an idea: Let’s create the most innovative, demanding, and absolutely brilliant and unique master life coach certification program that ever existed.

Piece of cake! Here’s what such training might include.

Master Life Coach Certification Training

Students need to have successfully completed an accredited life coach certification program. From there, it gets very exciting. Here’s a brainstorm of a potential program for the iNLP Center.

Advanced protocols

Whereas the basic life coach training is a cohesive progression of models that build upon each other, the advanced program will contain a collection of advanced techniques that add to the existing protocols from the basic life coach training.

Foundation of live coaching demonstrations

The foundation of the master life coach certification will be live coaching demos with students. Each class will begin with a complete life coaching demonstration with a student in the class, followed by group processing so that all can learn from the process.

Live coach demonstrations with non-student volunteers

At certain points in the training outside volunteers will come into the class to be coached by the trainer or advanced students. Volunteers will be coached for 30 minutes and then leave the class so students can process the interaction and learn from it.

Group process

Over time, master life coach certification students will develop their own group dynamics.

While this isn’t a group coaching certification, there will be ample opportunity to learn from the group process.

Groups will have 12 participants.

Master Life Coach Certification Questions

  • Should the classes be evergreen?
  • Attendance – structured or per the students’ schedule?
  • How much to charge for the course?
  • Can students from various life coach schools be enrolled?
  • How long does the program last?

More questions and answers to come.

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